About Thiel & Hoche

Thiel & Hoche is a medium-sized company in Germany. To us, this is more than simply a description of our size. It is the core of how we see ourselves. We have close ties to our home city and region, but at the same time, we are globally oriented and active all over the world. We take responsibility for our employees. We are an owner-operated company that is proud of our 40+ years of tradition while being open to new ideas. We know that nothing is more constant than change. We rise to this challenge, again and again, each and every day. If you have questions or we can help you with something else, then just let us know!

The transformation of the automobile industry

The world of automobiles is right in the middle of a fundamental transformation. This not only applies to the global industry, but also to us. In recent years, our company has changed more dynamically than ever before in its history. In the future as well, we will meet the requirements of the industry to ensure you have a competent partner at your side at all times. 

Our milestones

We have also evolved together with the industry: Purchase and expansion of the production company STC at the end of 2016, the opening of our Mexican production facility with T+H Automotive in Guadalajara at the end of 2017, the decision to invest in additional machines for T+H Rohrtechnik, the significant expansion of our delivery activities with sophisticated seat components on the American continent, the expansion of our Korean delivery base. We take on the global challenge and shape the future.