Tubes, profiles, and components for suspension & steering systems

The suspension and steering systems determine how precisely and dynamically an automobile moves. Current electric steering systems provide precise feedback at all times and convert steering motions precisely. Modern active suspensions adapt to the speed and driving conditions and provide the driver with exactly the desired feel on every road surface as well as the necessary level of safety. Our components and assemblies in suspension and steering systems create the precisely defined ranges of motion and dynamics required to achieve this. Some of these products can be seen here, and we would be happy to show and explain many more products in a personal meeting.

Axle crossbeams

Safety parts in customized versions for undercarriage and chassis.

Shock absorber

Shock absorber tube with precise end machining, tightest tolerances, and special surface finish.


Tubes made from manganese-boron steel grades for chassis and driver's cab.

Rubber-metal parts

Rubber-metal parts made from steel and aluminum bushings used as vibration dampers in the chassis area (passenger cars and trucks).

Coupling bar

Piston rods with welded bushes for the most precise fit possible.

Bearing pin

Brake pedal shaft with galvanized and lubricant-coated surface made of precision steel tubes for the brake pedal block (passenger cars), completely formed according to customer specification.

Casing pipe

Welded assemblies consisting of tubes and punched parts with highest tolerance accuracy for steering column adjustment.

Cylinder tube

Shock absorber tube for active chassis with the highest requirements on surface quality.

Steering shaft

For minimized backlash and small reductions in the steering wheel. Reduces the transmission of shocks and vibrations from the chassis.

Axle guide

Part of the wheel suspension as a movable connection between vehicle body and wheels.