International logistics

Manufacturing millions of ordered products is one thing. Delivering them on time is another. Our supply chains are as global as your needs. Regardless of whether the supplying factory is located in the Taiwanese provinces or the customer is located in the southern US states: we make sure that the parts are delivered on time. If you want to know more, then simply contact us.

Global purchasing, favorable terms

No other industry is as closely networked or is under such high-cost pressure than the automobile industry. The supply chains have been global for a long time already, just like the competitive environment. Our flexible international network is the best response to this challenge. Thanks to global purchasing structures, we are able to fulfill the requirements of the business and offer favorable terms. We take care of the logistics. This means you can concentrate on the development and manufacture of your products. And therefore save valuable time and resources.

Global supply chain

Our customers’ business is global. That is why our business is global, too. Through our own factories and close cooperations with manufacturers and processors in Europe and overseas, we utilize location advantages and optimize supply chains with one goal: to achieve the highest cost efficiency possible for your project.


Safety stocks and backup

Only one other topic is as important as the cost to the automobile industry: the reliability of supply. Regardless of what happens, their conveyor belts are never allowed to stand still. And we do everything we can to ensure that never happens. For this reason, adequate safety stock levels are an important part of our risk prevention strategy, because nothing is more reassuring to our customers than the certainty that deliveries from us will continue without fail.