Our developments help you move forward

The mindsets of our customers are determined by a wide variety of different products: car seats, headrests, vehicle axles, transmissions, engines, shock absorbers, suspension systems, and much more. All developments in different areas of application and requirements, but with one thing in common: they contain tubes or may contain tubes in the next generation. The reason for this: tubes are light, stable, and economical, and can be processed in a variety of ways. Due to recently developed material qualities and manufacturing processes, they now exhibit properties that were unimaginable just a few years ago. We would be happy to explain the details in person.

Designed and developed in collaboration

We see ourselves as a service provider and facilitator for our customers right from the beginning of the product development process: a service provider with specialized knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes that we utilize to make your products just a little more efficient. As a partner in the development of new applications, we are at your side from the beginning and advise you in the development of your products.

Development of special machines for our own production

In our group, we not only manufacture parts for our customers but also develop machines that we then use for our own production. In the process, we have created innovative systems for tube forming, from the initial idea to their design and construction. This includes machines with short cycle times and high availability for reliable and cost-effective production.