Serial deliveries for your production facility: globally and reliably 

Serial deliveries are our business. Week after week, we take responsibility for you for the production of millions of parts all around the globe. To fulfill this responsibility, we utilize an international network consisting of our own production facilities and those of our suppliers. Using our own machines and plants, our partners and we ourselves manufacture products with our Technology because regardless of which factory the components delivered to us come from: you will always receive a Thiel & Hoche product. Without fuss or quibble. If you want to know more, then simply contact us.

Our machines

Specialized products require specialized machines. That is why we have a constantly growing machine park of our own. Transfer systems with tools optimized for short set-up times. Machines for forming seat tubes with combined cold and hot forming. Tube-based rotary transfer machines for bearing bolts with optimized cycle times, and much more. At the beginning of every project, we develop the optimal tool and machine concept because the results will only be good when the foundation is good.

International production network

Our production base is as flexible and comprehensive as our product range. In close cooperation with long-term partners, we maintain an expansive international production network with locations in Germany, Slovenia, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, and many other countries. Regardless of the manufacturing site, there is one thing you can be sure of: you receive a 100% Thiel & Hoche product.