Tubes and components for the car body

The outer shells of car bodies, which are becoming thinner and thinner, raise the requirements on the components hidden behind the shell. Door reinforcement tubes protect the passengers in case of side impact collisions. Frame tubes prevent damage to the batteries of hybrid vehicles in the event of a rear-end collision. The focus is on improvements in safety, but optimization of the driving dynamics is also an important topic. With strut bars, wheelhouse struts, and underbody struts, modern vehicles have significantly improved stiffness in combination with a lower total weight. This improves handling, which in turn improves the safety of the vehicle. Specially formed tube components from Thiel & Hoche are used in all of these applications. Components that we have successfully brought to production readiness in newly developed processes for our OEM customers in recent years. We would be happy to talk about the details personally with you.


Die-pressed profile with welded bushings to protect hybrid batteries.

Filler pipe

Customized tank filler neck as a soldered assembly with a powder-coated surface.

Strut brace

High-strength material grade with customer-specific connection to the car body reinforcement.

Hybrid frame

CNC-bent profile with welded, alternate pressed bushings to protect hybrid batteries.

Wheel house strut 

Stiffening strut made of flattened tube and welding screw for direct bolting to the shock absorber strut mount.

Pneumatic spring

Pneumatic spring with independent force effect and small space requirement.

Longitudinal beams

Longitudinal beam for the chassis. Use in ladder frames, box frames and central tube frames.