Components for safety systems

If there is one topic that dominates the automobile industry, then it is safety. It is, therefore, no accident that one of the companies in our group contains the word “safety” in its name: STC – Safety Tube Components. There is hardly any area subject to such rapid development, and nowhere is the tolerance for errors lower than in the area of safety systems. We are at the forefront of this development. We produce and deliver parts and components that ensure airbags fill safely and safety belts tighten fast enough before something happens, for example. These are two of our applications in the area of safety systems. But that is not all, of course, because nowadays, practically everything about cars has to do with safety. Contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about the details.

Lance airbag

Multi-part component with crimped adapter for holding the gas generator.

Assemblies airbags

Assemblies with CD welded holder and soldered diffuser.

Assemblies belt tensioners

Component without cross-sectional loss in radii and constant wall thickness in the flare.


Hood lifter housing with combined holder for propellant, piston, and piston rod.