Tubes and components for car seats

The requirements on seats in automobiles have increased significantly in the past. Seat designs today are completely integrated into the passive safety systems of the vehicle. Components made of high-strength materials in the seat structure protect the passenger in the event of an accident. In addition, there are increasing requirements in terms of cost efficiency and variability. Multi-model design concepts lead to high quantity requirements in combination with exact repeatability in the manufacturing of millions of parts while maintaining very strict tolerances. We are equipped precisely for this purpose: with our experienced technical team and in our production, which is geared towards meeting these special requirements. You can find some examples of this here. We would be happy to show you more and provide detailed explanations on request.


Chrome-plated headrest supports made of high-tensile steel grade material and produced with patented stamped notches. 

Adjusting lever

For longitudinal and height adjustment in front seats. Bent with small radii using CNC, without surface damage.

Frame tube

For adjustable rear seat structures. Closed or open tubular frame, also made of dual-phase steels. 

Cross tube

To form the connection between the substructure and backrest, we produce tailor-made solutions made of high-strength steels and bring them into serial production. We use hot and cold forming so you can save on components and machining operations.

Towel bar

For longitudinal adjustment in front and rear seat structures. Narrow tolerances, complex geometries, ready to use.

Height adjusting

For electric height adjustment of front seats in premium vehicles. Optimal inner tolerances for guiding the spindle.

Back seat tube

Components for backrest structures. In addition to complex laser processing, we form and punch high-tensile materials in large series inline. Rectangular profiles are also made from martensitic steel 1300M.