Components for engines and transmissions

Even in the era of electrification, the development and construction of combustion engines and the corresponding transmissions is far from over. The classic technology will be with us globally for decades, and not only in hybrid vehicles. At the same time, there will be a further increase in the requirements on efficiency and comfort. Even with smaller displacements and fewer cylinders, modern engines generate more and more performance. The numerous gears in modern automatic transmissions make changing gears almost imperceptible to the passengers. We supply OEMs and leading Tier 1 companies with the components used for this purpose: camshaft tubes, planetary gears, and sun gears. Our scope of delivery extends far beyond tubes alone. We deliver a semi-finished part for building transmissions, including the so-called soft machining, in which you simply need to mount the gears. You can concentrate on your core competency and use valuable resources for other purposes. Here are some examples of these types of applications. We would be happy to talk more about it with you.

Sun gear

From a simple cut part with chamfered ends to a finished turned part with a QR Code (ink) and 52 specified test criteria with an automated 100% inspection system. 

Stator shaft

Component of the automatic transmission (7 and 9 gear transmission) with high roundness and diameter tolerance requirements. 

Side shaft

Connection between the transmission and the drive gear, made out of welded and cold drawn precision steel tubes.

Camshaft tube

Camshaft tube with best possible friction fit manufactured on specially developed machines.

Oil line

Components and assembly with brazed and/or welded parts for highest requirements on tightness and cleanliness classes.

Water line

Assemblies and components with add-on parts, welded and/or brazed, which meet the highest requirements for tightness and cleanliness classes.

Fuel line

Brazed and/or welded components and assemblies for the highest demands on cleanliness and tightness classes.

Exhaust gas recirculation

Welded or brazed assemblies and components that meet the highest requirements for tightness and cleanliness classes.