Even a series of over a million parts starts with a manually produced sample

We accompany you from the single piece to the small and pre-series. Our network is not only fast and flexible in serial production. We are available at all times if you have any questions or comments, or if you want more detailed information.

For manually produced samples and small production runs

We provide assistance with automotive projects from the start to the finish. That means from the product layout to the supply of spare parts. You not only receive the serial product from us, but also the first samples, prototypes, and pre-production parts. Fast and flexible.

For test and press vehicles

Even million sellers begin their lives as low volume production parts for testing and analysis purposes. They then continue as pre-production parts for press vehicles and for the introduction to the market with frequent changes and adjustments. Even if the production environment for the later series is still unknown in this phase, the goal is to manufacture the parts to look just like the production series parts. And when necessary, naturally overnight.